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    Use This Car Buying Checklist With Your Next Vehicle Purchase

    Last updated 6 days ago

    When you are considering the purchase of a used car, it is important to consider the condition and repair of your potential vehicle. With the Used Car Buying App, you will have a car buying checklist at your fingertips when you go to check out a used car. This handy app will ensure that you are able to find a quality used car that is perfect for your needs. To explore the features of this app, check it out in the App Store.

    When you are ready to trade in your junk car for a quality vehicle, come to City Auto Wreckers. We can provide you with cash in your hand for your unwanted junk vehicle. To learn more about the auto wrecking and used car part services that we provide to the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn areas, call (630) 870-1729.

    A Closer Look at Uses for Used Motor Oil

    Last updated 14 days ago

    When you recycle or junk your old car, its many parts can be salvaged and reused for various other purposes. From your car’s windshield to its sheet metal, your vehicle contains a number of valuable and highly functional resources. One of the most commonly recycled auto component is used motor oil. When you recycle your motor oil, it can be transformed into a variety of other useful substances. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common uses for used motor oil.

    Automotive Lubricants

    Used motor oil can be refined into various lubricants that are used in your car. For example, recycled motor oil can be transformed into automatic transmission fluid. Once used motor oil has been refined and processed at the recycling facility, it can be used as a lubricating base for a variety of different automotive fluids.

    Fuel Oils

    Another use for used motor oil is as a fuel oil. Once used motor oil has been refined and processed, it can be distilled into a fuel that can be burned for energy in industrial and manufacturing settings. This type of recycled fuel oil is a sustainable alternative to other common fuel sources.

    Scrap Metal

    Your oil filter can also be recycled and reused. As you drive, your oil filter collects tiny particles of scrap metal, which can be extracted by the recycling facility. When your oil filter is recycled, these metal particles can be reused as scrap metal feed by steel producers.

    To learn more about the advantages of recycling or selling your junk car, contact City Auto Wreckers. Our junk yard provides the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn areas with highly rated junk car disposal services, and we can provide you with cash in your hand for your unwanted vehicle. For more information about how you can junk your car at our facility, call us at (630) 870-1729.

    What Is the Charitable Gifts Itemized Deduction?

    Last updated 19 days ago

    When you donate your junk car to charity, you will be able to write off your donation on your yearly tax return. In order to receive a tax credit for your donation, you will need to fill out the Charitable Gifts Itemized Deduction form. In order to fill out this form, you will need to use the Long Form 1040 when filling out your taxes. The amount of your donation will be used as an adjustment to your total taxable income. If you are looking for a great way to save on your taxes, you may want to consider donating your vehicle.

    At City Auto Wreckers, we provide the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn areas with top quality auto junking services. When you bring your junk car to our auto wrecking facility, we can help you sell your junk car and usable parts for cash. Call (630) 870-1729 to hear more about the junk car services that we have to offer you.

    How We Make Junking Your Car Easier

    Last updated 26 days ago

    At City Auto Wreckers, we have more than 30 years of experience in the auto wrecking industry. Our family owned and operated business will ensure that your experience at the junkyard is efficient and easy. When you visit our facility, you will have several options for disposing of your vehicle. You can choose to recycle your car, or sell your junk car for cash. During the entire auto wrecking process, our friendly team will ensure that you are choosing the right services for your vehicle.

    If you are ready to junk your car, be sure to contact City Auto Wreckers by calling (630) 870-1729. We are proud to help our many satisfied customers junk their old cars and walk away from our junkyard with cash in their hands. When you choose our Wheaton facility for your auto wrecking needs, you are sure to be totally satisfied with your experience.

    Used Car Parts 101

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If your vehicle is in need of repairs, you may want to consider asking your mechanic to replace your worn components with used parts. Many junkyards offer used or refurbished parts that are in fantastic working condition. By repairing your vehicle with used parts, you can save significantly on the cost of repairing your vehicle. To highlight the advantages of choosing used car parts for your repairs, here is an overview of the basics of used parts.

    Sourcing Used Parts

    There are several sources for used car parts. One of the most common places to find used car parts is at an auto wrecking facility. Many times, cars are junked when they still contain usable parts. The technicians at the facility will remove the working parts and offer them for sale.

    Choosing Used Parts

    Your mechanic can help you choose which used car parts will be right for your vehicle. When you visit the junkyard, you will have an extensive inventory of used parts available to you. These parts will typically be categorized and inventoried so that you will have an easy time finding the correct part for your repairs. When you are selecting a used part, be sure to inspect its quality and condition.

    Benefits of Used Parts

    Used car parts offer many advantages to car owners. By repairing your vehicle with used parts, you will save significantly on the cost of maintaining your vehicle. In addition, used auto parts are a great choice for owners of classic or older vehicles. When you visit the junkyard, you may find a rare part that is perfect for your car.

    When you visit City Auto Wreckers of Aurora and Wheaton, our friendly sales team will be happy to answer all of your questions about our inventory of used car parts. Along with our car junking services, we also carry an extensive lineup of used parts that are in perfect condition. For more information about the services that await you when you visit our facility, call (630) 870-1729.

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