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    Used Car Parts 101

    Last updated 23 hours ago

    If your vehicle is in need of repairs, you may want to consider asking your mechanic to replace your worn components with used parts. Many junkyards offer used or refurbished parts that are in fantastic working condition. By repairing your vehicle with used parts, you can save significantly on the cost of repairing your vehicle. To highlight the advantages of choosing used car parts for your repairs, here is an overview of the basics of used parts.

    Sourcing Used Parts

    There are several sources for used car parts. One of the most common places to find used car parts is at an auto wrecking facility. Many times, cars are junked when they still contain usable parts. The technicians at the facility will remove the working parts and offer them for sale.

    Choosing Used Parts

    Your mechanic can help you choose which used car parts will be right for your vehicle. When you visit the junkyard, you will have an extensive inventory of used parts available to you. These parts will typically be categorized and inventoried so that you will have an easy time finding the correct part for your repairs. When you are selecting a used part, be sure to inspect its quality and condition.

    Benefits of Used Parts

    Used car parts offer many advantages to car owners. By repairing your vehicle with used parts, you will save significantly on the cost of maintaining your vehicle. In addition, used auto parts are a great choice for owners of classic or older vehicles. When you visit the junkyard, you may find a rare part that is perfect for your car.

    When you visit City Auto Wreckers of Aurora and Wheaton, our friendly sales team will be happy to answer all of your questions about our inventory of used car parts. Along with our car junking services, we also carry an extensive lineup of used parts that are in perfect condition. For more information about the services that await you when you visit our facility, call (630) 870-1729.

    Keep Important Car Insurance Information at Your Fingertips with This App

    Last updated 5 days ago

    When you are choosing car insurance for your vehicle, it is important to select a policy that will provide you with a great rate. With the Car Insurance App, you will receive insider information about how you can get the best prices on your policy. In addition, this app will provide you with tips for choosing car insurance. To tour the features of the Car Insurance App, be sure to check it out in the App Store.

    If you have experienced a collision and your car is totaled, City Auto Wreckers will be there to help you. Our junkyard facility can help you junk your car for cash or choose used auto parts for your repairs. To learn more about junking your car, call our location in the Wheaton area today at (630) 870-1729.

    The Facts You Need to Know About Flood Damage to Your Car

    Last updated 16 days ago

    The summer is almost here, and the changing season may bring heavy thunderstorms and rain to many parts of the country. During a heavy rainstorm, your car may be at risk of experiencing flood damage. Once a car becomes flood damaged, it can be very difficult to restore the vehicle to its original condition. Here is an overview of some important facts about flood damaged vehicles.

    Repairing Flood Damage

    After a car has been damaged by a flood, it can be challenging to repair its cosmetic and mechanical condition. When a car becomes submerged in water, many of its internal components may become damaged or compromised. In order to drive your car again, you may need to purchase many expensive parts. If water comes into contact with the electronic components of the car, the car may be completely totaled.

    Flood Damage Insurance

    Drivers that have comprehensive insurance coverage will be protected by their insurance plans in the event of a flood. Comprehensive coverage is designed to cover your vehicle against damage that is not related to an auto accident. Liability insurance, by contrast, will not help you repair your vehicle after a flood.

    Actions to Take During a Flood

    If you find yourself driving through a flooded street, it is important to act quickly and calmly. After exiting the vehicle, be sure to contact your insurance company. Before you drive the vehicle again, it is essential to have a mechanic look over all of its internal parts and systems.

    At City Auto Wreckers, we offer cash for flood damaged cars. If your car has been junked during a flood, we can help you sell your car for cash. In addition, we also provide the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn areas with top quality used auto parts sales. To learn more about the great services that you can expect when you visit our junk yard, call us at (630) 870-1729.

    What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Sure, new cars have that smell, but is that enough to justify the ridiculous price tag that most new models carry? Used cars are often a better value than new ones, especially compared to brand-new base models. These new cars sometimes don’t even include power locks and windows. Thanks to depreciation, you can get a fully-loaded pre-owned car or truck for much less. And speaking of depreciation, when you drive off the dealership lot in a brand-new car, it loses 20 percent or more of its value instantly. When you buy a used car, it will retain more of its value, so you can recoup more of your investment when the time comes to trade-in for a newer model.

    New cars are less expensive than new ones, but they can still be thousands of dollars. For help coming up with the down payment, sell your old junker for cash. You won’t get much for an old piece of junk that doesn’t run at the dealership, but City Auto Wreckers will offer you top dollar, and in cash. To learn how much your junk car could be worth, call us today at (630) 870-1729.

    Exploring the New Lives of Recycled Tires

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Cars and trucks are like mobile advertisements for recycling. After all, a majority of the materials that make up your car can be recycled, repurposed, or reused by the automotive industry. Tires are especially important when it comes to automotive recycling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 290 million automobile tires are discarded by American every year, and nearly 80 percent of these tires are being recycled and turned into products we all recognize, use, and enjoy on a daily basis. When you recycle your junk car, your tires could be used to make the following:

    Auto Parts and Accessories

    Not surprising, a lot of recycled tires make their way back onto other automobiles. After being processed, ground, and shredded, the recycled rubber is used to make a number of auto parts and accessories, including exhaust pipes, brake pads, and insulation. Some recycled tires are also woven into mats and used as truck bed liners.

    Playground Mats

    Speaking of woven recycled rubber mats, a lot of recycled tires are being shredded and spread like mulch to act as a cushion against accidental injury on playgrounds. Recycled rubber can also be compressed to form a soft yet dense protective mat that provides better traction, much like the recycled tracks seen at parks and high schools throughout the country.

    Rubberized Asphalt

    Can you guess what the main ingredient in rubberized asphalt is? If you guessed rubber, you’re correct. Recycled tires are often ground into crumb rubber for use in road and highway resurfacing projects. Rubberized asphalt is quieter, cooler, and more eco-friendly than traditional asphalt.

    If you want to recycle your old vehicle, City Auto Wreckers can help. When you donate your vehicle, the proceeds will be used to support a local or national charity in need. You can also sell your junk car for cash. Either way, call City Auto Wreckers of Wheaton and Glen Ellyn at (630) 870-1729 to learn more about the benefits of auto recycling.

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